We produce and supply our customers with acoustic components and composite materials for a range of materials, with defined technical specifications and specific visual requirements. In this sense, we see ourselves as a full-service provider, covering all of our customer tasks and requirements.

We are able to adopt a flexible approach to customer requirements thanks to the customisation process which uses a modern BIESSE panel-sizing saw with CNC controller incl. automatic feed, combined with a custom-made CNC-controlled drilling centre with four individually controllable drilling units and spindles for acoustic perforations plus two 8x revolver units for drill holes, milled recesses and edge finishing.

The customer-friendly manufacturing and production of pre-assembled panels, plates and pre-fabricated elements for wall and ceiling coverings is made possible thanks to the surface coating which is based on a paint finishing system from MAKOR with a unique arrangement of the cleaning machine, grinding machine, spraying robot, vertical dryer, roller coating and UV dryer and is suitable for all environmentally-friendly, water-based applications such as water-based varnish, wood stain, UV coatings, spray-on UV coatings and roll-on UV coatings.

25 years of experience in order-specific CNC processing for small and large-batch production even for the car industry or furniture manufacturing.

We have the right machine for every part.


Production plant: 10.000 m2
Offices and administration: 1.000 m2
5 CNC Machining Centers
Automatic Paint Finishing System
Panel-sizing saw incl. automatic feed



ganz nach ihren wünschen

Room acoustics calculator.

Equivalent sound absorption area.

Reverberation time. Sound absorption level.

Everything important. Accurately identified.

But you still don’t quite understand it.

Incorrectly mounted. Too expensive.

And still there are slits. Or holes.

Is this what you are looking for?

  • Incombustible ceiling sail
  • Highly effective foam
  • Thermally formed 3D absorbers
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Sustainable production
  • Coloured final finish
  • Microperforated panels
  • Highly flame retardant slotted panels
  • Real wood veneer surface


Easy to install

eine innovative lösung

Developed as a highly effective 3D acoustic product made from recycled materials, we have invested great efforts in using resource-saving materials which enable acoustic efficiency as well as the optimal visual room design.

Using high quality Soundtect design panels, we have succeeded in disguising acoustic functionality with imagination and created lots of attractive and appealing designs, available in 12 striking colours.

Given the subtle balance between reducing reverberation and absorbing sound, these panels have exceptional acoustic effects. The absorption effect of the 3D panels (absorption category A, αw= 1.00) confirm this.

Our new CLASS Circle ceiling sail product, which was exhibited at the 100% Design Show in London, completes the ceiling sail sector.

No matter where or how these 3D acoustic panels are used, they bring a certain WOW effect to the room.

Massivholz Akustik

Moderne Eleganz

The ATMOS solid wood elements are made from one, three or multi-layer panels such as spruce, silver fir, larch or oak.

Depending on the requirements, perforated ATMOkustik or slotted ATMOphon panel designs can be used for the acoustic processing, depending on the level of sound absorption wanted or needed.

Solid wood acoustic elements are also suitable for making subsequent acoustic improvements due to their low element thickness, paired with soft-fibre panel absorbers in the centre of the elements.

The low weight of the elements makes the system particularly suitable for use as a ceiling sail, suspended acoustic ceiling or insert in existing grid ceilings.

Any recesses for any kind of installation can either be produced at the factory or at the installation site using standard customary woodworking tools.


in der Gastronomie


The acoustically effective wall modules have been designed especially for cafés, coffee shops, coffee bars and stand-up coffee shops and have a strong coffee aroma. They blend seamlessly and elegantly into the existing guest space. The systematised module structure enables easy subsequent installation and acoustic renovation.



In Anlehnung an die schlanke, flötenartige Weinflaschenform wurde gemeinsam mit der Agentur für Raumakustik ein akustisch hochwirksames Absorberpaneel – der „Schlegelspiegel“ – kreiert, welches durch seine frei gestaltbare Oberfläche an
jeden Baustil angepasst werden kann. Von rustikal, gehackter Fichte bis zur kühlen weißen Hochglanzoptik.



Exclusive surfaces. High shine. Elegant forms. The bar wall modules are a subtly accentuating design element and meet high visual standards in addition to their acoustic functionality. The wide range of surfaces range from high quality precious woods to timeless high-gloss coatings and individual decoration and place no restrictions on design freedom.



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